FEM – Water Flow


Groundwater Flow Analysis


FEM – Water Flow serves to perform steady or unsteady analysis of water flowing through a mass body. Water Flow is an extension module of the program FEM for analysis of wide scale of geotechnical problems


It includes the following functions:

  • Log-linear, Van Genuchten and Gardner model
  • Line hydraulic boundary conditions
    • Impermeable line
    • Permeable line
    • Pore pressure
    • Inflow / outflow
    • Seepage surface
  • Point hydraulic boundary conditions
    • Inflow / outflow
    • Pore pressure at a point
  • Posibility to represent partially permeable interfaces (contacts) and beams
  • Lucid representation of pore pressure distribution, flow velocities and ground water table

* The module is not available separately. The program FEM is required.